Sunday, August 24, 2008

Restaurant Review: Pizza Boys, Piarco Trinidad

If you ever travel to Trinidad, you will probably go through Piarco International Airport. On the second floor, Pizza Boys opened a new Mediterranian restaurant that absolutely rocks. I highly recommend their Gyros and pushed several of them into my face...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Restaurant Review: Tsunami Sushi in Tulsa, OK

This is the first time that I have been to a restaurant and managed to get full just by eating the appetizer...

I ordered Tempura vegetables and shrimp and it was absolutely delicious. It came with six very large shrimp that were fresh and tender.

On the menu are items that are difficult to find elsewhere including Kobe Beef which if you aren't familiar with is when you raise a cow by feeding it beer and giving it massages. Seriously, this helps produce marbled meat of impeccable tenderness.

The menu is reasonably priced and the wait staff is courteous. I was in town for the Tulsa TechFest and recommend it to anyone who happens to be on that side of town...

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Restaurant Review: Glas in Glastonbury, CT

If you are into ambiance then you will feel at home. However, if you are into great food you may be disappointed...

Glas is located at 2935 Main Street in Glastonbury CT and serves American style food. The ambiance is different and if you are impressed by decor then you will most certainly get your jollies here. If you like a high quality meal then you may be better served by visiting Ruth's Chris at the same price point or if you desire the same quality of food but at a lower price point then I suggest John Harvard's Brew House.

I ordered a New York Strip steak that was somewhat on the smaller side. It was nicely marbled but also loaded with lots of extraneous fat that should have been properly trimmed by the butcher. My significant other order the Duck Steak which actually was pretty good and something I feel recommending to others. My two sons ordered shrimp skewers and spicy gulf shrimp and both were mediocre at best.

The shrimp skewers in terms of portion size felt more like an appetizer than a meal while the Spicy Gulf Shrimp wasn't very spicy. The tomato cream sauce left a lot to be desired. Maybe it would have been better if they used higher quality organic ingredients to make it. If you are into tomato cream sauce, the absolute best I have ever had was at the Caterina De' Medici which is part of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.

The menu had all of the usual stuff but absolutely zero originality. The staff was helpful but otherwise fake in terms of their recommendations. I suspect that they are more compensation-driven than service-oriented. As a general observation many of its patrons enjoyed themselves more in terms of getting liquored up than in actually eating food. Since I do not drink alcohol, I cannot comment on the quality of their bar. I can say that when one has alcohol in their system, the quality of food tends to matter less.

In terms of ambiance, I rate this restaurant four out of five stars while my overall value rating would only be two out of a possible five stars. One should spend their money wisely and find a place where ambiance, price and value are all at the same standard and this is one place where this notion is a big miss...